We transform your business problems into an awesome user experience and a world class design.


What we do

We don't believe in the cookie-cutter approach to any of our solutions. We always deliver solutions that are custom engineered around our client's needs and business processes.

UX & UI Solutions

A clear communication between content and accessability allows users to understand information intuitively - a working premise for good UI design.

Web & mobile Development

We offer a wide range of products, from SEO optimized websites, hybrid and PWA applications to custom solutions and other services.

Research & Marketing

The process of getting potential customers interested in your products and services. It involves researching, promoting and distributing your products or services.

Strategy & Consulting

Need help finding solutions for individual problems? We help clients perform better and create additional value for you and your customers.

We at rubberduck studio are a group of like minded professionals, from different parts of the world, with the experience of building great products.

We partner with brands we believe in, to help them settle in the digital space.

Our approach

A part of our process is validation and nailing the details. Different steps lets us iterate quickly, evevate quality and ship fast.



Content and design discovery, user interviews and personas, stories - there are several steps to take to get your product on the road.



A part of our concept process is validation and nailing the details. Different tools and working processes let us iterate quickly, evevate quality and ship fast.



The design and development process should examine all the potential risks and hurdles you will need to overcome to get the product to market.



Application testing checks for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance of the web application or website.


Hand Over

We ensure the best outcome of the transition from the first idea to the final product and are open for further questions and needed support.



We provide support and ongoing maintenance for your projects that we have and haven’t developed. Entrust us optimizing your security, performance and design.

Latest project

We design digital platforms to empower users and clients. The deep understanding of what motivates them allows us to forge and fine-tune the most powerful strategies and applications.



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Meet the ducks

We're a group of creatives who love thinking outside the box, tinkering, experimenting, dreaming, and – most importantly – working with cool people on new projects.

Jan Paepke

A software engineer? A product designer? A creative? I never liked to be forced into boxes. Working multidisciplinary I can be inventor, creator, and builder in one. It allows me to look at a problem from every angle without losing the big picture.

Way back when Flash was still made by Macromedia, I started building games with it. Later, while still in school, I moved to building commercial websites and applications using PHP/MySQL and switched to node when people were still frowning on serverside js. I witnessed the dawn of jQuery, then Angular & React and welcomed TypeScript as js finally got serious enough to build reliable full-stack web-applications.

In my career of 20+ years, I have worked on many commercial and open source projects while moving all over Europe and finally settling in Vienna, Austria. This naturally came with being proficient in English and German.

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